Hazel top picture, 3rd place Amateur Walking Derby.
River bottom picture, 4th open puppy
Milwaukee Brittany Club

 Iowa Brittany Club Sept 2020- our young River at 6 months old. Reserve to 5 point major from puppy class and BEST PUPPY :)

 Girls did great this fall. Hazel and Tessa are now Junior Hunters...going 4 for 4.  Nellie will finish in spring


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Late on announcing....but very proud.  Tessa Rae is a Grand Champion, finished in June actually.  She finished with several big major wins over many special bitches and handlers.  This summer Tessa Rae was #1 Grand Champion Brittany Bitch in Wisconsin, #45 in USA (tied with 2 other Brittanys).  I am very proud of what she has done. She never disappoints in the ring.