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Hello I am Bubba, I have my own page on our dogs page.  I am helping my human Mom write this from my point of view to help anyone else with a dog diagnosed with cancer.

 Last week my Mom who knows me very well knew something was off. I sleep alot but then again I am going to 11 in August.   I was not eating well that am, I felt weird and tilted my head and my face felt strange. I was drooling and food was in my cheek that got stuck. I was not walking normal, staggering every once and a while. 

Mom took me into my wonderful Veterinarian Dr Sammi Pumala of NorthStar Veterinary Clinic. After a complete work up I was diagnosed with lymphoma and I have a heart murmur which is new. My cancer was confirmed by an outside lab too. It is thought at this point my lymphoma is in my central nervous system (brain) due my weird behavior.   Mom says I am her rock, best friend, best hunting buddy and therapist (which means she talks alot about things). Mom said she will do everything in her power to keep me here and happy. We have alot of guiding and hunting to do this fall. 

**Week 1- ** First week of chemo was ok, I was a little tired and sick in AM's. Mom gave me special medication and I feel better. I am eating ok and seem to happier  with Mom or in "my" truck. I even get ice-cream which is a nice cool treat.   During my mid week I felt pretty good, a little slower at times getting around and sometimes I don't want to finish my food. After a day or two I was back to being my happy self. 

**Week 2 of chemo got pushed back a bit later as my medication got lost in mail. I'm a happy boy, really like my food after being on prednisone. I ate so much food and SO many treats including something cold called ice cream.  I loved it. I got my chemo pill this week and I was not sick. Mom was happy.  

**Week 3 of chemo- again pushed back since my bloodwork was off.  I felt ok and was not sure what she meant. They have to check my white blood cell count (cbc) before treatment to make sure my numbers are ok.  This time my doctor thought it was best to wait and re due blood work in a few days. Re did blood work a few days later it was good.  Chemo was done.  I was sick overnight, vomiting but I'm told that is normal.  Mom was up with me and helped me with medication and love.  I slept alot and was better in am. I ate really well.  Mom takes me on short walks and I love it.  I go to work with her everyday and hang out.  I get to ride in the truck which is my favorite spot with Mom.  I had a weekend off and felt great, I ran and dug holes in the yard and Mom yelled at everyone else but me.  I'm not sure why the other dogs got yelled at.  Mom gave me ice cream every day and on the 4th  of  July she stayed home and spoiled us all with treats.  Mom would only leave me for short amounts of time but most of the time I was with Hannah, she is great to me.  Gives me treats and sandwich meat when Mom is not around.  I get lick mats and kongs too. 

**Week 4 this is the "bad" chemo week. This one is a hard one  and needs to go slow I'm told.  I was a very good boy and sat still.  It took forever but Mom says it was only 20 minutes or so. I felt ok that night.  The next morning I had a short head shaking episode that Mom was lucky enough to see or maybe not. It was quick and I don't remember anything. Mom says she noticed changes in my eye and I seemed off but then I was happy the rest of the day and ate very well. Mom was very happy that Wednesday was a good day and I did not get sick today.. Like I said I ate well and felt pretty good. I even got a chicken breast and ate it all.  I love it when Mom cooks for me. 

That following day was a work day, I went to work with Mom and she shared her PB & J sandwich with me.  Mom feeds me good food but says she has to be careful of something called pancreatitis when she feeds me.  I get my own cooked chicken breast and canned food mixed with my dry. Sometimes she mixes veggies in with my food and yogart.  Even with my droop in my face I like my hard food and baby carrots are my favorite treat. My Mom tells me all the time how good I am and how much she loves me.  She says I'm going to be hunting this fall with her.  I hope I can, I'm really tired but happy. Thursday night after work I ate my dinner but not like normal, my stomach felt funny and I was drooling.  I remember Mom asking me a few times if I was ok and when I went outside I played with a squeeky toy and carried it around from the last 2 days. Mom and I went for a truck ride and I was happy but felt like I had a stomache ache and drooled alot. 

The next day was Friday. 2 days after my chemo treatment.  Mom said I was going to get a bath today and then I could be in the yard with the other dogs.  I was very nauseous and didn't want my medication.  Mom gave it to me with a small piece of food.  A short while later I vomited it up, that and my dinner.  I got really sick and shaking because of  a tummy ache.  Mom took me to see my Doctor.  She did my blood work and said it was all normal but I was down 3 lbs since Tuesday.  I have been eating until this am. I am loosing muscle mass Mom says due to cancer.   Mom was reminded this was a bad cancer and the chemo can be hard on dogs and people.  I went home with Mom.  I was not any better, I won't go into details about how I felt but it was like someone with a bad flu bug is how Mom put it.  Mom said we were trying to get me through this with supportive therapy going 24 hours at a time. We went back to see my doctor again that afternoon for more medication and something for my stomach ache.  My Mom loves me she said everyday was a blessing and a gift.  I listened to her talk for hours and she pet me about our hunts we had been on and hunts she wanted to do this fall. We spent most of the day outside.  Mom also told me she knew I was sick and if I needed to leave her she understood but was not happy about it.  My human Mom was trying everything she could along with my great Veterinarian to help me beat my cancer.  I was not feeling well and later that  night I told my Mom in my own way I was ready to go.  I said goodbye to Hannah who spoiled me  also, I really love her.  Mom and I went again for a ride in the truck. The truck ride I love and I slept the entire way.  Once we got to the clinic Mom came in the back seat with me and kept petting, kissing and telling me she loved me and it was ok to go.  I fell asleep and then woke up to see my dad and other dogs over a beautiful rainbow bridge.  Mom will be ok.  I will watch over her from a far.

CH Dr Jac's Redneck Rampage O'Dee JH  8/22/11- 7/9/22 

**Bubba's cancer was aggressive.  Friday he was ready to leave this world. The changes happened quickly. I promised him I would do everything in my power to save him.  When I could do no more I let him go because I love him that much.  Bubba was a dog of a life time and saved me when Eric (my late husband died) 8 years ago.  He was in rock, my therapist, my heart dog, my hunting buddy, my truck dog and my everything.  This was the hardest decision I have ever made even though I knew it was best for Bubba. Letting him go was the last act of love I could do for him.  RIP my sweet boy.  You are always in my heart and I can't wait to see you again. Until then hunt with your dad and your other brittany buddies.  I love you.  Mom  

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