More show brags

Went to Paper Cities shows- July 2013.  Saturday, Bubba went winners dog, best of winners, best bred by & we got best owner handler for that competition.  Hannah who is just starting out in Juniors took her first class win then went on to take a show point in breed ring with Luna!!  Way to go Hannah!!  Bubba took a Group 4th in the Bred By Competition.  Sunday, Bubba took another win from Bred By.   Bubba & Luna are on a roll.  Hannah & Thomas are doing a great job in the Juniors ring. 


Weekend report from Duluth dog show, one day only entered.  Luna took the point for the girls.  Bubba took Best of Winners and "Best Bred By Exhibitor" for another point as well.  Hannah did a great job ringside and in Juniors & the Sanctioned B match.  Coco made it through her 2nd show and had alot of fun. 


Bubba's win from the Bred By Class

Bubba is now AKC show pointed from the Bred By Class.  This win was in June at the Cambridge, MN show.