FC/AFC Bantam N Dr Jac's Shooter MH. Completely owner trained and handled. Shooter achieved these titles by 26 months. One show major win from being a Dual Champion. 

Owners Mike & Marcia Magnuson and Diane Hedstrom. Out of our Tessa Rae and GCH CH Bantam's Spittin'Image JH


 Bubba's Cancer Chemo Blog

Hello I am Bubba, I have my own page on our dogs page.  I am helping my human Mom write this from my point of view to help anyone else with a dog diagnosed with cancer.

 Last week my Mom who knows me very well knew something was off. I sleep alot but then again I am going to 11 in August.   I was not eating well that am, I felt weird and tilted my head and my face felt strange. I was drooling and food was in my cheek that got stuck. I was not walking normal, staggering every once and a while. 

Mom took me into my wonderful Veterinarian Dr Sammi Pumala of NorthStar Veterinary Clinic. After a complete work up I was diagnosed with lymphoma and I have a heart murmur which is new. My cancer was confirmed by an outside lab too.  Mom says I am her rock, best friend, best hunting buddy and therapist (which means she talks alot about things). Mom said she will do everything in her power to keep me here and happy. We have alot of guiding and hunting to do this fall. 

**Week 1- ** First week of chemo was ok, I was a little tired and sick in AM's. Mom gave me special medication and I feel better. I am eating ok and seem to happier  with Mom or in "my" truck. I even get ice-cream which is a nice cool treat.  ** During my mid week I felt pretty good, a little slower at times getting around and sometimes I don't want to finish my food.**

**Week 2 of chemo got pushed back a bit later as my medication got lost in mail. I'm a happy boy, really like my food after being on prednisone.